Serious Fun

Here's the hub, so to speak, for all of my playing and experimentation with various web-based (or server-based) technologies. There is hardly a better way to learn a new (or old) technology than to play with it.

Stand-alone projects

Minkolang – Inspired by Befunge and ><>, and by the golfing comptetitions and languages at Programming Puzzles and Code Golf, I designed and implemented Minkolang, a (2+1)D Minkowskian stack-based semi-golfing language. The Python interpreter is on GitHub and the official online interpreter is here: .

Spacewar! - PPCG King of the Hill – Spacewar! was one of the very first computer games, and I recreated it for this PPCG King of the Hill challenge. You can pit any two of about 20 AI bots against each other or play against one yourself!

D3 Applets